Saturday, May 20, 2017

Arizona here we come !

Bren has turned their front room into a music room !  Awesome.
Click here to see Cam trying out the drums. 
Here is his motorcycle - all fixed for the major accident on the freeway that happened back in November. 
Rog and Manda 
Cam with her prized possession - her bass guitar
Click here to see her practicing
Birthday time at Olive Garden - click here to see the video 
Nick and Zoe want a bite of Cam's breakfast :)
Close up !
School of Rock - where she and Bren are taking lessons
Relaxing with their guitars.  Click here for video
Baseball game at Chase Field - Diamondbacks v Pittsburgh
Payson's namesake plays for Pittsburge now. 
It was a beautiful night, with the roof opened up.  Such lovely weather.  
Yard all cleaned up - bushes chopped down, leaves cleaned out.  Eventually they will tear down that wall, and have a bigger opening (gated) for a car or motorcycle. 
The concert at Cactus Jacks
Click here and here for video 
We coaxed a few smiles :)
Manda and Bren
Finale -  click here for video
Amy, Pam, Steve, Cam, and Jim in the background, with Roger and Manda in front (sorry I accidently cut Bren out of the pic) :(
Movie time !
We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Chore time - she's earning money, and now that she's 13 years old, she can get her own debit card.

We had a great time being with Amanda and Bren and Cam (Cameron was with his mother for Mother's Day).  We can hardly wait for them to pay us a visit in July !!

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