Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunday (2 weeks ago)

On our way to South Salt Lake for the Primary Children's Memorial, we stopped at the distribution center to see where Grandpa Roger works.   He gave us the dime tour. 
The kids enjoyed it.
Of course we had to go see the dock where his friend had his accident in September 2015.
Then we headed down to Noah's reception center, where Primary Children's was sponsoring a memorial program/dinner for the families who had lost children at the hospital during 2016.  It was a nice program with wonderful music, and a slideshow with pictures acknowledging all of the 70+ kids (babies, toddlers, children, teens) who had passed from a myriad of (accidents, diseases, etc.).  One of the things that was said by the CEO was, "We are so sorry that our 100% was not enough".  They surely did give their 100% to Tenzin, but it was not enough.
After the program, and before the luncheon, they let 100 white doves loose to circle and fly above us. 
On the way home, Thatcher rode with us.  Talk about relaxed !!

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