Monday, May 1, 2017

Saturday with the "littles"

Payson and Brightyn came to play on Saturday afternoon.  
We were in the process of rounding up a few of the goats for sale, and Landon joined in the roundup.  It doesn't take much to get Billy "rounded up".  He is always right there, in your face, stepping on your toes, trying to be petted.  
A nice man from West Bountiful took Billy, Dissy, Snickerdoodle, and Sparkle to play on his 3 acre farm.  We are just getting too many goats, and may have as many as 6 more little ones if Paris, France, and Azula each have a set of twins in about a month.  
We went over to Grandma D's, and had icecream with sprinkles
We stopped at Zac and CJ's to pick up Thatcher to come and join the fun. 
Back to the barnyard, where we did chores. 
Grandpa's helpers
Rodeo in the barnyard with these two wranglers.
Miss Piggy doesn't know quite what to think.  She just likes to be left alone. 
Trampoline Time
Lucky loves his belly rubbed
No bake cookie time !
Looking for rainbows
Spaghetti for supper !
Tub time :)
Payson slept in the "fort" all night - silly boy
Moana and her sea shells
Maui too!

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