Friday, May 26, 2017

Party Pics ! - Grandma Ben's 80th Birthday

The Birthday Girl !
So wonderful to celebrate this milestone in her life.
If you click on the picture, it will get a little bigger (I think)
All of the family that was there to celebrate the day.
Grandma with her GREAT Grandkids and GREAT GREAT Grandkids
Grandma with her GRANDKIDS and SPOUSES
Chris and Sommer Holst, Keysto and Kaley Porter, Darrin Frost and Nicole Nall, Tausha and Chans Porter (in front), Johnny and Megan Wilkinson (in back), Taylor and Brenda Lay (behind Grandma), Landon and Kacey Rich (in back), Zac and CJ Rich (in front), Shaina and Jared Rich (in back), Cody and Danielle Rich, Tyrel and Layna Robinson
LuAnn and her kids
Layne, Lynette, Kelly, Joni, Roger D.
Bruce's family
LuAnn with her girls
Roger's family
Layne's family
Joni's family
Grandson Jared and family
Grand daughter Layna and her family

Grandson Cody and his family
Great Grand daughter Taya, with boyfriend, and
Great Grandson Ryker
Grand daughter Brenda and Family
Great Great Grandkids
Britain, Cooper, and Autumn
Grandson Darrin and daughters
Grandson Keysto and family
Grand daughter Megan and family
Grandson Chans and Tausha and puppy :)
LuAnn with her sister Shanna, and brother Wayne
Carol is deceased
Jerry and Judy could not come.

There are more pics, and I will work on getting a slideshow put together.

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