Monday, May 22, 2017

A fun Saturday - working and playing

Rog got a new sprayer for the back of the Ranger.  It finally came !   7 weeks after it was ordered, and after the weeds were thigh high......   They got it put together, and tried it out.  Excellent !
Zac got all of the weeds cut down around his house with the Toro.
Now they can be sprayed.
Hi Grandma !!!
Does Thatcher measure up ?
Had to fix the pipe out in front of Mom and Dad's place.  It had shifted, and water was coming out and creating a sink hole that we just noticed this spring.   Mark Evans came with his backhoe and dug out quite a bit, but then Rog and Zac had to get down in there to dig out around the pipe, and it was still a lot more digging :(
Then we thought Morgan Cart-a-way would be up and running on a Saturday.........and we were wrong...........and also there weren't any open in Ogden either, so they ended up mixing the cement by hand.  It was a lot of work, but they got it done, and a new cement collar around the pipe should fix the problem.
As you can see Mom and Grandma Ben were good supervisors (haha)
Then we went down to the Property and had grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch.  Landon came up and brought the kids, and we had a great time.  They kids were having so much fun, and it was great to be together.    
Brightyn loved throwing sticks in the fire (from a distance). 
She loved Tallon, and has the cutest little deep throated laugh.
Payson and Thatcher get along so well, and had a great time pushing each other in the swing.
Tagg gave good under doggies too !
Yeah Brightyn !!
Then we went to the green swing  - so fun !
This tree is so fun.  So easy for the little ones to climb up on, and we always have to get a picture of course.
Payson climbed up high, and wanted to jump off to Landon.  He didn't realize just how high it was ! 
After that first jump, he was a lot more hesitant, but then he finally did it again and again.  Thatcher never got up the courage to try it..............he said he didn't trust Landon (haha).
Brightyn was throwing sticks and rocks in the creek.  We kept a good eye on her for sure.

Later in the day, we moved to the other end of the Property (and the swings)............
And started the burn pile on fire once again, before the fire season closes.
Even later in the evening, Zac worked on getting the lawn raked where he had put in his water line.
Sunday we took a drive up to East Canyon Dam.  It is on the verge of spilling !

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