Sunday, May 7, 2017

The first week of May

Tagg has started playing minor league baseball.  Grandpa Jim is his coach.  This picture is after the first game.  Grandpa Roger is holding him down and teasing him, because Tagg had been holding Thatcher down and teasing him !
Getting ready for the Pinewood Derby 
Painting - it's a green color, because it's going to be a T-rex mobile !
Our new steel roof was put on.  We are very happy with it !
Thatcher got a new hat !
The night of the Pinewood Derby - hanging out in the malt shop. 
Once again, it was held in Jack Harris' big red barn. 
This boy is ready to rumble !
2nd place baby !
We got the Property all mowed, weed eated, sprayed, etc. etc.  Thatcher saw us from his house, and walked Tallon down to explore. 
Having a heart to heart - maybe about not letting Tallon pee on Grandpa Roger's leg !  Yes, it did happen a couple of days ago !!  We all got a great laugh out of that ! 
Thatcher and his bike he got for Easter. 
New roof - all done 
Enjoyng time with friends at a surprise birthday party for........
Bryan Judd !!  The old man turns 60 this year.   Wow, weren't we just celebrating our 40th birthdays? 
This boy love to read !  He has always got a book in his hands.  Even at soccer games. 
Planting corn in the garden. 
We got us a lawn edger !   Looks so much better now. 
And these two yahoos went on a quick surprise trip to Disneyland !!  
After a first day of refusing to go on Splash Mountain, the second day they went on it over and over and over !! 
Cars !!!  
The Avocado Kid - on the way home in St. George :)
Love this sweetie. 

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