Sunday, October 4, 2015

Zion Hike - 12 miles, 30000 steps

Annette and I had a great time. 
We started about 8am, and the first hike was to the Emerald Pools - all three of them !
This is the first one. 
The sun was up on the tall peaks, but not in the valley where we were. 
Hiking to the 2nd pool. 
The third pool area.  We had to climb over rocks to get here. 
On the Kayeta trail, headed out to the Grotto
I think this is the only pic we got (not counting selfies) of the two of us together, taken by a nice British (or Austrailian) couple. 
There is Angel's Landing.  We won't go to the top, but we will go to Scout's Lookout. 
See the trail that we have just hiked up in the backgroud?
This was one of the last switchbacks.  Annette was kind of nervous.  It was plenty wide, but if you fell off the edge, you WOULD die. 
In the canyon, it's cool again.  Notice the debris in back of us from the last flash flood?  No worries about flooding today !
Walter's Wiggles, a series of 21 switchbacks.  After we do this, we will be at Scouts landing !
We had to go through narrow slot canyons, just like this............... NOT ;)
As close as I would get to the edge.  One slip, trip, or mistep, and you are a gonner !
Annette wondered if you would die of FRIGHT before hitting the bottom..........
Third Hike - a short one, to the Weeping Wall.  Notice the water drops falling off the wall behind me.
It was a beautiful day !
Third hike, back into the beginning of the Narrows.   There were sure alot of people, I bet we saw hundreds and hundreds. 
Walking out - such a FANTASTIC DAY !!
Thanks Annette for going :)
Next morning, we  watched Zac finish the St. George Marathon.
At the finish line with Roger and Tagg
Here he comes !   3 hours and 39 minutes.  He took it a little slower than usual, and he said he felt alot better. 
This is Zac's 4th time competing in the SGM.
It's always fun to go an support him. 

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