Sunday, October 18, 2015

A week in October

We are adding a shower above the tub downstairs.  Looks like Dad has alot of help :)
Two Peas in a Pod
TV at the shop
Out with the old - In with the new !
Grandpa D got a new lawnmower.  After 15 years, the motor finally gave out on the old Toro.
Grandpa Roger and Lucky (haha)
Tractor Supply was giving away free dog food, with a picture of families and their pets. 
I got all of my flower beds all cleaned out !  Yahoo - 2nd year in a row ;)
And look who is guarding our front porch !
We finally got the old piece of bark with Roger's name carved on it hung up.  Bruce found it down in the mountains above Salina, where we used to hunt 30 years ago.  What fun memories.  Thanks Bruce !
The boys broke the chalk back out, and drew some scary WASPS on our driveway.
His exact words were, "Dad, do you need my help?"
The post holes are almost finished.  This day, they dug in the rain.  Zac doesn't know what to do with all of his helpers !
Breakfast for Dinner !!
Yum Yum !!!
Tagg drew all of the family names on the driveway.  The caption above reads, "I Love You Guys"
And last but not least - Grandpa showed us all just how wild and crazy he is, trying out his skills on Treyson's scout stilts. 

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