Sunday, July 26, 2015

Odds and Ends

Was it Wednesday afternoon?   A storm was blowing in, and I think it made the kids go crazy !
As it headed our way, the wind was blowing, and it was dark and ominous.
I think it let the "animal" out in these yahoos !!
Crazy times !!
Tower builders
Cam sure loves her turquoise (favorite color)  Converses.  I found this pic on my camera (haha)
I had to get the requisite pics on the tramp - One of these days I'll have to do a montage of her jumping through the years.  It never gets old :)
Bed Head girlie :)   The other morning she slept till 10:45 am !?   We were watching her and Pays while Kacey helped her mom with little league football stuff. 
Our two Granddaughters - One 11 and one 1.  They both sure love animals.  Here they are with the baby goat Izula.
Swinging at the Property - you could just HEAR the giggles !
Pays wanted on the yellow swing, but I convinced him to let me push him on the green swing, and then I proceeded to recite made up nursery rhymes, which he totally loves to hear.   The other day I told him, "Fishy fishy in a brook, Daddy caught him with a hook, Mama fried him in a pan, Payson ate him like a man" while we were swimming in the Lazy River at Cherry Hills, and he LOVED LOVED LOVED it !    
Speaking of Lazy Rivers.......or creeks....... the kids floated down a couple of times yesterday at the Property as we celebrated a belated 24th of July.  
Roger D. built a fire afterwards, to take the chill off, and the adults sat around gabbing. 
These two in their bright orange outfits kept everyone's eyes on them !
Kuk and Treyson
They played Ghost in the Graveyard, and tether ball, and played on the swings.........   Our grandkids LOVE it when the cousins come to play, and they are SO SO good to them, and patient, and loving.  
The Bettinson's stayed long enough to catch the Morgan County Fair Parade !   We had a great time as usual, catching thrown candy, and seeing the sights.  Camryn and Tiana really bonded today, and it made me so happy.  Grandpa and Grandma Ben came and sat by us, and boy you should see Grandpa Ben get the candy !!  The kids grabbed some of him too, especially Tagg.  It was a great fun time :)
Here they are playing that silly hand-game, that they have tried to teach me over and over, and which this old Grandma is TOO old to learn.  But not Tiana !  She picked it right up !!
Later, CJ and Zac took the boys and Camryn to a drive-in movie, while we stayed home with Thatcher.  Boy it's been a fun-filled week, and I still haven't blogged about the baby goats horns, or the flag on the barn !   Guess I'll save that for another post :)  

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