Thursday, July 9, 2015

Goats and other things.............

Little Chocolate Milk before she passed  :(
What our nights look likes - the cooler weather has been wonderful !
Jill Judd brought Garrett's kids up to see the baby goats
The mommas sure love the babies
Brightyn rides Billy
Surf's up !
Blakely and Treyson playing a fun hand game
We ended up putting the mama (France) and Sparkle in the dog pen, so we could easily catch and tame them.  Yes, the mama needed taming too.  She and Paris (the other mom) have been skittish ever since we got them.  They just haven't warmed up.  But it's amazing what putting them in the pen, and taking a piece of bread out each time has done for France's temperament.  
Tagg and Treyson (no pic) have been doing some 4-H cooking classes at the courthouse.  They have sure been fun. 
I came around the corner and was startled to see this water snake the other night. 
Tagg took care of it :)  Check out the video (Family Videos above) for more action. 
What are we excited for?  Cam and Manda come tomorrow !!!
My BOYS -  Landon , Roger, Zac  (Love them all so much!)
Round and Round they went - I got them to stop for a quick pic.  Check out the video above under Family Videos for more action ! 

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