Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Family

Thanks to Jordyn at Embrace Photography for the beautiful family pictures.  There were only a couple of days when we had all of our kids together, for the first time in 3 years.  Last picture was in 2012, and even now, we couldn't get Brendon or Cameron here :(  , but we did our best with the ones that were :)

Back:  Landon, Kacey, Manda, Gwen, Roger, CJ, Zac
Front:  Payson, Camryn holding Brightyn, Thatcher, Treyson, Tagg
Rich boys - Tagg wasn't feeling the best with his allergies affecting his eyes, dang it. 
Treyson - almost 10 years old !
Tagg - 7 years old
Thatcher - 3 years old
Miss Brightyn - 1 1/2 years old
Payson - 3 years old
Manda and Cam
Camryn - 11 years old
Landon and Kacey and kids
Rog and I with our children.
Happy Birthday today (July 29th) to this guy.  Don't know what I'd do without him!  I love and appreciate all he does for me and our family.  He is a great husband, father and grandfather (Pa, Grandpa, Pops, Gramps)
With 6 of our 7 grandkids - Life is GREAT !
CJ and her Minions
I would caption this........
"What did we get ourselves into?"
Zac and CJ and boys
Pretty girlies :)
Handsome boys :)
Landon and Kacey
Goofs :)  haha

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