Sunday, July 12, 2015

Snowbasin - Sunday Brunch and other stuff

We headed up to Snowbasin to catch the gondola up to Needles Lodge, high on the mountain. 
Grandpa and Grandma Ben came along, and were pretty excited !  They had never been up here before.  Grandpa didn't quite know what to think !!  
We had a scrumptious brunch, and the kiddos were so good, and ate so well.  The food was fantastic, exotic salads, fruits, cheese, crab legs, SHRIMP!, eggs benedict, french toast, omelets, crepes, and desserts !!!   Oh wow, it was amazing. 
This boy ate and ate and ate.......  YUM YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blakeley came with us too.
Brightyn, Blakeley, Manda, Grandma, CJ, Kacey, Landon
Thatcher, Cam, Payson, Treyson, Tagg
(Grandpa Ben and Grandpa Roger were sitting on the outside patio, and Zac had to work)
After brunch we went on a short hike
Coming' down
Back at our house - hangin' out
These two little boys were entralled with these two big girls
Then it was over to the property to get some family pics (done by Jordyn with Embrace Photography) - I'll post pics soon !, and to eat a scrumptious Mtn. Dew dutch over dinner. 
These three were pretty content in the sand
The older kids played "Ghost in the Graveyard" and had a GREAT time.
Everyone stopped by the barnyard on the way home to see new baby Zula.

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