Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hogle Zoo - We get to meet Buddy from Dinosaur Train !

We took a trip to SLC, via East Canyon/Immigration Canyon.  It was a beautiful ride, the kids were great, and when we got to the zoo it was packed, due to everyone having the same idea as us !  We came to see Buddy from Dinosaur Train.  Click here to hear the song we all love to hear ! 
We waited in line about an hour, but there were fun things to do and see. 
Getting closer............
High Fives with Thatcher
Hugs from Treyson
Selfies with Cam and Blakeley
Best Friend - Taggie was in HEAVEN !
It was a very pleasant temperature, and we walked around a little bit, ate lunch, rode the carousel.......
Made ourselves into Dino-Bites !
And talked CJ into watching the bird show for the first time.  It was GREAT !!

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