Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cherry Hill Fun

Tuesday night (after the zoo), we all went to Cherry Hills Water Resort.  Those that went were, Roger, Gwen Camryn, Zac, CJ, Treyson, Tagg, Thatcher, Kacey, Payson, Brightyn, Grandpa and Grandma D(ickson), Grandpa and Grandma Ben (Rich), Dallin and Dax Dickson, and Blakeley (CJ's niece).  We had a great time, and I spent most of my time chasing around with these two yahoos.  They LOVED it !
Blakeley and Camryn goofing around in the kiddie pool.
Kacey and Brightyn in the Lazy River (my favorite part).
Here are some more of us in the Lazy River, Brightyn (far left), then Payson, Zac (near the yellow tube), Thatcher IN the tube, and me with no head :)
The Grandpa's sat around and enjoyed the cool shade, while the Grandma's followed us around and enjoyed the antics. 
Dax in Cardiac Canyon
Treyson - PULL the suit up !! 
Me and Cam, and Blakeley and Tagg - started out as a "chain".  That soon ended............
After this first curve.............
I was dumped out of the tube (haha!)
Getting back in, I bravely floated on, only to get stuck in every single whirlpool that came along.   Needless to say, ONCE was enough for this Grandma on Cardiac Canyon, but the kids went over and over !
CJ took alot of the pics, when she wasn't laughing her guts out at me :)
All the kids except Brightyn
Dax, Treyson, Blakeley, Thatcher, Tagg, Cam, Payson

It was a great time as usual !

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