Monday, July 20, 2015

Life is great ! and busy! and crazy! and fun!

We took a little bit of time last weekend and got the patio cleaned off, sprayed off (along with the back of the house), and Zac (and Thatcher) edged (by hand) all around it.   Thanks Zac !!
Tagg "tagged" the patio.  Just LOVE it !
Blakeley, Camryn, Treyson
Cheeser Girlie :) (can't you just hear it?)
He picked this up and said, "Take my picture and send it to Aunt Kiki!"
Late evening at the skate park!  (Good idea Kaley and Kacey).  The kids had a blast, Grandpa and Grandma were nervous for wrecks, but it mostly turned out WITHOUT incident.  
Pretty Girls :)
Climbing (and sliding) babies :)
There was an older kid there who graciously put up with being invaded.  The kids loved to watch his tricks.  He was really good........
..........only bad thing was afterwards........this kid came home and proceeded to try his own trick out on the asphalt driveway........Totally did a number on his lip AND lense of his glasses.   

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