Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun times.....

Grandpa D calls Tagg to come help in the garden.  Tagg really likes it - he may become the next "master gardener".
One day we went school shopping down at Farmington Station.  Let me tell you, shopping with this girl is no easy task !!
Had lunch at Taggart's with the Rich bunch.
4-wheeling with Grandpa and Grandma Ben up Hardscrabble Canyon. 
These two fell asleep on the way out !
CJ suggested I get this this out of the barnyard, and scrubbed up.  I did, and the little ones LOVE IT !
Crazy nights - Tons of kids - Summer is so much fun !
This little piggie..............
Cookout at the property, and a little swimmin' in the creek
Movie under the STARS !
Cold night on the TRAMP !
Came in at 3 am :)
Lunch at Park City
Our beautiful daughter - LOVE YOU MANDA !
Park City - Main Street
Cam and her friend
And last but not least - new shoes for the RACE tomorrow !!
See you at the fairgrounds !!

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