Monday, July 27, 2015

Little Goats - Horn removal

This is Sparkle, almost 3 weeks old.  We took her down to get her horns taken care of.  We don't like horns on goats because they can get stuck in the fencing, and because as they get older, they can accidently (or on purpose) hook the grandkids, or butt really hard.    Taking care of the horns when they are young is less trumatic for them.  The "goat whisperer" put them in this cute little box..............
.........then held her still by gripping her mouth/jaws.  It only took a  minute or two, and the horn problem was taken care of. 
Here is Azula (2 weeks old) - it is kind of hard to tell, but she is now going to be hornless, and is no worse for wear.  

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