Friday, July 10, 2015

An Adventure to find Grandpa Porter's Mine (Hardscrabble Canyon)

This is my dad's grandpa - Sanford Orin Porter
He died when my dad was a teenager.
He mined in the canyon of Hardscrabble, and was always looking for his fortune.
Last year at the Dickson reunion, Aunt Barbara (who is almost 90) mentioned that she remembers going to the mine when Dad and Uncle Norris were teenagers, and that she didn't hike up to it, but they did.  Ever since then, it has been a goal of mine to get my family (and parents) back up to that mine, so that the location can be preserved for the next generation.  We kind of knew the general location.......... so here goes !!!!
The adventure begins...... about 4:30 pm
We are ready to go !
Roger and I on our four-wheeler, Landon and the big boys on Gary and Carol's four-wheeler, CJ and Kacey and Brightyn in Jim and Shirlee's Ranger, and Zac and Grandpa and Grandma D and the little boys in Zac and CJ's Ranger.
Hardscrabble Narrows
Landon was such a uncomfortable sport, but a sport none the less :)
After we passed by Arthur's fork a ways, we crossed the creek.  See video here 
Grandpa D hadn't been to the mine since he was a teenager or in his early 20's, and though we knew the general area, it wasn't something that you could see on the mountain and head towards......   We saw Stu Wilkinson on the way in, and he also gave us some directions which helped, but we were pretty sure that  the first little "mine" we found, was not the right one.   It turned out that it was almost directly below the actual mine, which was further up the hill.  We turned around, and took another cut-off, and found it !
There was a steep STEEP little hill at the base, and it was a chore to get everyone up there.  Thanks to Zac and Landon, we all made it up.  Watch video here
I don't think in a million years that mom and dad thought that at 78 years old (almost) that they would be doing this sort of activity.  They were such sports, and there was NO WAY they were going to be left at the bottom,  I'm so glad we were able to do this (and not break any hips) !   Now we just need to get my brother and sister and families (and other cousins) up to see it.  
The old sluice/ or shoot was all broken down near the entrance. 
There she is !!  We didn't walk back into it (though we could have) - we are much too cautious (which I'm glad of ).  But we threw rocks back in.  
Watch video here
Group Pic - Thanks Kacey for taking the picture.
Grandpa D, Grandma D, Treyson, Tagg, Thatcher, Zac, Roger, CJ, Payson, Landon, Brightyn and Gwen
Kacey and Brightyn - Great pic !!
Getting down was a little sketchy........... (see video here)
Roger found another way that was a little bit easier.........
Then we had a fine supper of sandwiches and cheetos :)
Headed out........
It was such a wonderful evening.
Tagg the Miner
He found a golden rock, and is pretty excited about that !!

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