Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Happenings

2015 - Here they are together again !

2014 - Last Year's picture - see any differences?
We got another new baby goat !   Only one this time.  
Azula is her name, courtesy of Tagg
She is a cute little one - all black, with grey ears, and a couple of tiny white/grey spotches here and there. 
All the grand kids love her of course
Selfie Time !
We went to Hunter's wedding last night in Riverdale.  It was at Steve and Trina Hinds home, up above the Motor Vu Drive-in.   It was HOT, but beautiful, and it was great to see all the cousins again.  
We saw Bruce, Terri, Nathan and baby, Caiti and David and Jaylee, Brenda and her whole family, Darrin (of course) and Hayleigh, Todd and Nikki and girls, Lynette (who came down from Idaho), Jared and Shaina and family, Megan and Johnny and boys,  Grandpa and Grandma Ben. 
Everyone was so happy to see Cam and Manda of course. 
Photo Booth !
A good time was had by all, and afterwards we went to Chili's for dinner !

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