Sunday, August 2, 2015

Flag on the Barn

Ever since I saw what Nie Nie did on their barn in New Mexico, I've wanted to try this !

I would have liked it bigger than it turned out to be, and higher up on the barn, but because of the nice even boards down low, and the safety factor for the grand kids, we opted for it here.  Roger was very leery.   He didn't know how it was going to turn out, and didn't want an embarassing disaster for all to see,.....   We got it taped  off one night before dark. 
Early the next morning we started painting at 8am.  Tagg was the only one who showed up at first - but wait !!!
Payson came too !!  The other lazy kids stayed in bed :)
Next morning we taped off the white stripes, and proceeded to pain the red. 
The little ones loved to help !
I hope that one day they will remember this fun time :)
Everyone got in on the action but Treyson - I'm not sure where he was, silly kid. 
Camryn painted the white star.
And of course we had to get Brightyn in a picture too ! 
Finally - Treyson !!   He gets to paint the BLUE (a little lighter blue that I anticipated)
Good Job Bud !
Way to go !!  Love it !!
After a second coat of blue (to darken it), we placed the white star in the middle.  Not an exact replica of our American Flag, but seriously, I couldn't handle painting 50 little stars, so THAT will have to do !


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