Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Winding down the summer............

The boys wanted to try out Crossfit's obstacle course at the fair.  Treyson is on the far side (butt in the air), Tagg is in blue (closest to me).  They had a great time. 
Here Payson is, hanging out with the "littles".  
They played a few kids games, won a few prizes......... made alot of noise !
These two were my buddies later that same day, and helped me pick flowers to take to Phyllis. 
The baby goats are getting so cute, and the kids love them !  

Take a look at this video to see  the sweet hugs going on :)

And this one I posted to Facebook - lots of squealing and laughing :)

Payson thought he would try his hand at picking Sparkles up.  She's a handful !  (so is Payson, haha)
Serious Thatcher :)
He wasn't mad or anything, just one of the few times without a smile.

We really didn't do too much at the fair this year - kinda low key, and I didn't take many pics. 

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