Monday, August 17, 2015

Crazy week, alot going on....

We celebrated mom's birthday a few days ago.  We sure love her :)
Tagg is getting along with his "boot" - it's starting to wear on him though, and he will be glad to get it off. 
Zac got the pipe all cemented around the joints.......
........and the headgates fixed/built.  The pipe is all backfilled now.  We are anxious for Jeff to put water in the ditch/pipe, and see how it goes. 
Tagg went to the orthodontist, and then to the dentist to have two teeth removed so that his permanent teeth will have more room to come in.  They go back in 6 months to see the progress.  Right now he is in the "Yetti" club, as in "he is not "Yetti" for braces yet :)
Zac and CJ got their plans back, so hopefully they can get going on the new house. 
CJ and the boys made some sand to play with on the back patio.  They've been having a grand time wtih that. 
Grandpa's barnyard/chore helper.
He sure likes the tomatoes.
Yum Yum !!
Tagg's eyes are still red and blood shot.  Wish they could get him some relief :(
Our family at the Tonks Reunion last Saturday
Celebrating Grandpa Ben's birthday a few days early.
Great Grandkids
Grandpa Ben, Grandma LuAnn
She's taking him to Wendover today for his birthday
He turns 89 today - August 17th
The Grandkids and spouses
Shaina, Jared, CJ, Zac, Tyrell, Layna, Kaley, Keysto
The kids and spouses
Layne, Susan, Joni, Kerry, Gwen, Roger

Manda and Bren are going to be buying a new house.  They put an offer in on this one, and it was accepted, so now they just have to go through all of the rigamarole.   

It is located in a very nice area that we are familiar with.  Next to Desert Breeze Park, and near Cam's junior high.

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