Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh Say Can You See/Sing :)

Camryn was able to sing at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona, at the start of a Diamondbacks v Cardinals baseball came last Thursday evening.  This is her choir group assembling in the field.  
Manda and Roger 
Jim (Cam's dad) and Amy
Ms. LB and her boyfriend
(she was Cam's 5th grade teacher last year - such a great teacher and friend)
Cam's cousins - (Hannah is the cute blonde)
Hannah's dad in red (an uncle), and Grammy Pam in the flowered shirt.  Grandpa Steve is just behind her.
Such a cutie - I sure wish I could have been there, but I was home at Manda's sick with strep throat, and feeling competely miserable :(
As the choir filed in to sing (this pic is totally out of order), Cam reached down and gave Roger a kiss on the cheek as she passed by.  Totally made his evening !
Cam and some of her friends - what a great experience !
Glad we could go down and support her.

Bren and Cam Claussen (with Cam chowing down in the background)
Brendon and Manda

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