Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another week gone - and school has started !

Yup - 4th and 2nd grade, here these boys come :)
Tagg came home with this - so cute.
It's fun to catch the bus, right in front of the house.
Zac and CJ celebrated their 12th anniversary on the  21st.
Wow, has it been that long?

..........and now !
While they went on a date, Rog and I had the boys.  They wanted to go down in Vern's field and hang out with the hay haulers.  Treyson was at Grandma Shirlee's.
Jim Wiscombe was hauling hay with his crew, and was more than accomodating.  He threw them up on top, and they had a grand time, even though Tagg was a little nervous that the stack was going to tip over. 
Coming back with Grandpa Roger
Treyson - all ready for his first game yesterday.
He is #44, same and Grandpa Roger was.  He plays right tackle on offense, and on defense he is on the line, but I don't know the position.  He's a good player, and has finally figured out just what is what for the most part.  It sure was hot sitting on the bleachers.  We will have to take an umbrella for sure next time.  Thank goodness Grandma D left hers with us when they had to leave. 
Good Game !  (even though they lost 22 -0)
Later we hung out at the Property.  Grandma D and Thatcher decided to dip their toes. 
Zac working on their water connection
Tagg bustin' up dirt clods
Talking about house placement.

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