Sunday, August 9, 2015

A little bit of this...........a little bit of that........

Thatcher will be starting pre-school soon.
He is sure excited !
Most days I come home from work at noon to this.
I love the bird - hate the doo doo.....
No words........
Tagg and Miss Piggy - what a pair :)
Thatch and Aunt Kiki
The goats were butting heads the other night.  Rog finally let the moms and babies out, and we had a rodeo for awhile in the barnyard :)
Rog dumps one load of grass clippings over the fence when he mows the lawn.  Billy was too lazy to stretch his neck down to nibble, so he laid down right in the middle, and that way it was easier !  Tagg took advantage of him - he makes a nice pillow.
Now they are all getting in on the action :)
Friday  (all day) and Saturday morning, Niel Boyce and Zac and Rog and Grandpa D and the kids worked to pipe the ditch on Zac's future home lot.  It went really well.  
Mud balls were made........Fun was had !
After two weeks of complaining of pain and limping, Tagg went to the 2nd doctor for an x-ray.  Sure enough!   Mom was right !  It was broken.  The Fibula (small bone in the lower leg).  He will have to wear a boot for about 4 weeks.  
Our 5th grader !
Cam is loving junior high. 

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