Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Garden

My Dad "Grandpa D" is a master gardener.  Always has been.  Mom and Dad work very hard in the garden, and we try an help out where we can.  This year the pesky deer got in before we got the electric fence up. 
Isn't it pretty ?
Grandma, showing Tagg and Thatch what the deer did to about 6 cabbages.
The fence gave us a little trouble this year, and Roger D. worked and worked to get it going.  They finally ended up buying a new "shocker", and working with the ground wires extensively.  Mom and I sat in the shade and watched the guys work :) Over the past couple of days, each of them have been shocked......Dad, Roger, Zac, Treyson and Tagg.  Zac was leaning against the shop, and Treyson touched the wire, and then touched Zac, and it dropped Zac to his knees, but didn't hurt Treyson.  The first day when we couldn't get it going, we thought they had, and no one wanted to touch it to see, and Tagg said he would for a dollar, and he reached out and grabbed hold, and it didn't faze him !  He held out his hand for the dollar from Dad, haha.  It wasn't working right, that's for sure.  NOW it's working right - 7000 volts, so hopefully no one wants to bet another dollar :)
See the damage?
Watch the back Roger !  (it's actually off right now :)
Beautiful evening light hitting the squash and pumpkins.
Zac, making sure his dad did it correctly (haha - not really)
Summer sure produces some beautiful evenings around here. 

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