Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Crazy Begins.......

Where do I start?  Thatcher got his new glasses.  After the first couple of days, he has gotten used to them, and has come to rely on them.  They are so cute, and when he doesn't have them on, he doesn't look like himself !  Funny, how quick WE get used to seeing him in glasses.  Glad they are soft plastic, or I think they would have been busted multiple times by now :)
Thanks to Lance Prescott (for the 2nd time), Zac and CJ's trailer in now in place next to our garage.  They have worked hard over the last week to make it a little home.  A/C unit added through the back window, wifi hooked up, and a multitude of other necessities.
The kids were fighting over the one trampoline, so we decided to set up both of them.  One for the big boys, and one for the little ones..........but having them this close together, all they want to do is jump back and forth.  Our 25+ year old mat bit the dust, so we ordered up a new one from Pitcher sports.  Works like a champ, and we ended up separating the trampolines, and that has worked much better.
Funniest picture of the Porter Family Reunion we had at the Property last Saturday.  Dallas gave K.P. a shove, and BAM, the chair collapsed.   The reunion turned out really really good, and LuAnn was happy, and glad it was over too !

CJ finally decided on portable bunks for the two little boys in the trailer.  Zac put them together, and they work really well.  They slept there last night for the first time, so I hope everything went good.  They were all still sleeping when I left this morning.
Two old fogies :)
Crazy jumping - Thatch has learned how to do bummers.
Pizza Time - it's a favorite, that's for sure.
Landon and Kacey got back from camping, and two more kids got in on all the action !
Silly kiddos
Landon and Zac and Roger worked on the vinyl fencing that I picked up for CHEAP!! 
It didn't take long................
I think tonight they will use the table saw, and work on getting the final pieces in place.  Then it will be up to me to wash it.  It's pretty dirty from being stored.......maybe I can get some help from some little boys :)

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