Monday, June 22, 2015

Landon is home - Let's Par-tay !!

Waiting for Daddy at the Airport
Oh boy, this kid was sure excited......
Grandpa Roger did his best to keep him entertained :)
Such a great reunion - and Brightyn didn't cry this time !
Happy Family - together again :)
We headed straight home from the airport to the ball-field, so that Landon could catch Payson's final T-ball game.  Brightyn didn't want to leave his side.
Yup - Daddy's back !
Happy Happy !!
The whole crew - BOY it was HOT !!
Saturday we had a wonderful get together at the Property.  It was so nice to sit under the cool shade.........
.....the kids floated down the shallow creek.
Jaden was such a good sport.  He got in with the kids, and also helped out with the zipline later.
Payson found an egg with a dead baby bird inside.  Grossed everyone out but me :)  Landon and Kacey got a kick out of the "things" that bug or worry me, and the "things" that don't.  We didn't agree on this one !
Let's squish mommy !
Zip line fun - Thatcher in the seat.  Payson rode it for the first time this year.  Yea Payson !!  I didn't get a still picture, but I do have a video which I'll post.
Oh, they had a such a great time.......
.....and they had a great audience :)
Stylin' Baby
Go Tagg Go !!
Grandpa Ben caught a some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's

Another run down the creek.......
Grandpa's helpers....

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