Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Nights....

Grandma D and Brightyn watching the hummingbirds cluster around the feeder on Grandma's back porch.  It inspired me to go and get a feeder for our far, it appears the hummingbirds haven't found it ! :(
Zachary fixing the leak in the trailer they bought.   Great problems......everything works........ Yea right...... :(
We got the last row of corn (5 of 5) planted a few nights ago.  Roger dug the furrow, Mom and Dad watered it in, Mom, me, and Tagg planted, Dad covered.   The peas are coming along nicely, and the cucumbers just started poking through.  The tomatoes look wonderful. 
Inside of trailer, fan trying to dry out the water soaked wood.   As of last night, Zac had covered this all back up (after putting in insulation.  The new paneling looks great.  I'll have to get a picture of that soon. 
Tagg, learning from the Master Gardener.
Typical night at the shop (for now).
It will be fun to do a comparision picture later in the year. 
Afterwards we went down to the property to set up the machine pitch, and pitched a few balls. 
Taggie is struggling with his batting......hopefully this will help. 
Grandpa Roger giving some pointers.
Treyson trying his hand. 
It was a beautiful evening - this picture doesn't do it justice.  Tagg and I were walking back to the shop, and I pointed out how beautiful everything was.   We live in such a beautiful place. 

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