Friday, June 19, 2015

This past week we worked and played

It is the time of year when we roll up the greenhouse plastic at Grandpa's garden.  This is always a group effort. 
Even the little one likes to help :)
Sometimes it's hard to pry the big ones away from the TV in the shop.
Still working on that #*&% trailer......   Zac got new flooring put down in the bathroom.  I'm not sure it he has the new toilet set yet.   They are almost ready to start packing it up, and moving it to  our house.  They have until July 1st, and everything seems to be going well on their house closing. 
Eating supper with Grandpa Roger 
Yum Yum !! 
Zen Master Tagg
Hello !
Payson loves the swing 
Eating supper
Jeff got the hay baled, and of course we needed to take the requisite pics.  Here in the distance you can see Roger D. trying to boost Treyson up - didn't work so good.  He needed three people to get him up there :) 
What a poser :)

Thatcher was extremely nervous - and wanted down almost immediately.  The bale was not steady enough for him. 
Payson and Brightyn wanted in on the action.  At first Payson stood down, and studied the situation, the kids getting on and off,......and only then did he decide he would like to participate.  That kid is very methodical in his thinking. 
Walking back to the Property.  
Here we come !!
Another night we watched Brightyn and Payson while Kacey kept score at the baseball games.  
The kids had such a great time. 
Brightyn is quite the climber !
Makes Grandma a little nervous though.  She likes to look, but when Billy comes sniffing around her shoes......she wants NONE of that !
She loves the chickens.
Sometimes they can be quite noisy - check out the videos at the top of the page under FAMILY VIDEOS for some cuteness !
Kacey took the kids hiking today up near Snowbasin with her mom and Brittney.  Payson found alot of bugs, and brought them home.  Oh how these kids LOVE the BUGS !!  
He has no fear.  I sure hope he never catches a bee or earwig, because he handles them freely !
Hi - meet my friend caterpillar !!
We have a little cottontail bunny that likes to hang out under our pine tree in the front yard.  Brightyn spotted it, and we went round and round the tree trying to catch up to it.  
Then Payson got in on the action, and we chased it over to Vern's field next door.

Be sure and check out a bunch of cute short videos at the top of the page under Family Videos.  There are videos to go along with most of the pics I've posted today.  

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