Thursday, June 4, 2015

May ends.......June Begins.......

Such a cute picture of Payson.   His mom has gone to Jackson Hole with her parents, and Kaley has the kids (last night).  I hope they had a good night.   I will pick them up tonight after work, and have them till Saturday afternoon.  We are going to have fun !
He loves to jump on the trampoline
Can you spy what is on top of the white garage?  Look close !
Zac and CJ bought a 5th wheel trailer to live in, since their house has sold.  I think they have to be out by July 1st.  A funny coincidence - Casey Rich (Layne and Susan's son) used to own this before selling it to the people who sold it to Zac and CJ. 
They have parked it at the shop to get it cleaned and fixed up.  It is 18 years old, but in really great condition. 
I was able to snap this pic of Tagg.  He has been attending Cloverbud Camp (4-H for younger kids) at the courthouse the past two days, and has had a great time. 
That silly peacock followed me from the truck, across the driveway, into the breezeway and up the stars as I came home from work yesterday at lunch. I think he liked my pink sweater.
Last night we went over to the trailer, to see what had been accomplished.  Grandpa and Grandma had worked hard in the garden and at the property, and were pretty tired.  Thatcher of course, was entertainer to all. 
Guess what these two are playing?  POKEMON!!  They have such a fun time - usually.  Sometimes it ends in a fight, but last night they were all smiles.  (That is all of the trailer furniture taken out so it could be vacuumed and carpets cleaned)

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