Sunday, June 14, 2015

Friday and Saturday - Life is great !

Grandma, do you think we need to clean the junk out of Billy's ears?   No Tagg, I don't think so.  Billy came to us from the Wardell family a couple of years ago.  Boy he sure has grown !
Climbing in the barn is so much fun !
Poor Miss Piggy  - it's hard for her to get around.  She is so ugly she's cute !
Jumping is always fun...........
No jumping for Kathryn - with her broken arm.  Right after I took this picture she fell off the swing and hurt her OTHER arm!  I was sure glad it didn't break too. 
The ground drops away, and they swing out over the tall grasses.  I chant a song/rhyme about an evil clown who lives down in the ground, and doesn't make a sound,..........until it GETS THEM !!!
Today we tried to tube down the creek......  They were sure excited. 
It is quite the chore to get all the kids down to the creek......ON the tubes......and all of us headed off together. 
Roger D. took this picture from the shore.  It sure wasn't much fun.   The creek was sososososo low, and we had to walk alot of the way.  The kids had fun - but seriously we need a couple more feet of water.  I guess that won't happen this year !
Getting out was a chore - we got our water shoes stuck in the mud, as we sunk up to our knees almost. 
Grab me Tagg !!
Okay - Now for landing the whale........
A one......and a two..........and ..........
It was harder than it looked, and I tried to keep the water shoes ON my feet, and not stuck in the mud.  Thanks Zac and CJ :)
You wouldn't know Treyson and Kaydence are the same age.  He's about twice her size.  They have a great time together. 
We cooked up some S'mores and got warm by the fire.
Kamry, Kaydence, Kassidy, Zac, Treyson, Tagg, CJ, Thatcher. (Kathryn was in the sand)
Last but not least !  This cutie will be getting glasses soon !  He has been squinting, and his one eye has turned in.....  I guess he is a far-sighted as his Daddy.  Zac didn't get glasses until about 6 months before he went to Kindergarten, when he was 5 1/2 years old.   Thatcher will get his glasses in about 2 weeks.  

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