Saturday, June 6, 2015

Now I know why you have kids when you are young !

Thursday night, Kaley brought the kiddos up.  Kacey had got to Jackson and Yellowstone with her parents, and Kaley had them Wednesday day, night and Thursday day.  Payson was a little blue, and wanting his mommy.  I felt bad for his tender feelings.....but we got them in their jammies, and they went to bed so well.  I told him the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears, and he went right to sleep in our bed. 
Next morning it was eggs for breakfast...............
Then we went to Crossfit.  Boy were there alot of kids !  I dropped of Brightyn at C.J.'s, because she doesn't like being shut up in "the pen" with all of the kids. 
After, we went back and picked up Thatcher, and brought him home to play for the day.  It rained a little, as you can tell. 
The kids LOVE to feed the animals bread, and the animals LOVE to eat it !
We had waffles for lunch :)
Jumped a little.................
Chalked up the cement..............
Later we went to T-ball.  We are the blue team.  I think that is either Payson or Thatcher on the ground in the field.  They are pretty funny. 
Crazy Ice opened up between J's and Nebco.  It is CRAZY good !
Maybe a little sour?  
Payson loved it !
Payson and Thatcher - they are buddies, but so so different. 
Then we grabbed a burger at J's - Yummy !
This morning, Payson cooked up his eggs, but we separated out the whites, because he only likes the yellows :)  He ate it all gone !
Grandpa brought the tractor over to mow the weeds down in the barnyard, he had a great helper. 
Brightyn loves to feed the goats, and Billy nibbled on her jacket when she was a little slow, and it kind of  freaked her out :)
Right after I took this picture, she threw the egg back in the basket - we only had one casualty :)
Helpin' Grandpa
We hung out at the Property while Grandpa Roger mowed the lawn.  Brightyn sure liked swinging.
Cutie Patootie
He learned to make it go !
They went down the slide, over and over. 
Zac and CJ and boys came home from Ogden, and we had a little hot dog cookout for lunch. 
It was fun !
Brightyn was tired and crying, so CJ walked around, and soothed her to sleep.  We layed her on the blanket, and she slept for about an hour. 
Back to our house to mow our lawn - Grandpa has so many helpers......
and the chickens got SO MUCH SCRATCH !!!!!
I posed for a portrait of sorts.......
Funny kids !
We painted a fire breathing dragon on Payson's face so he could be just like his cousins.  He LOVED it !
Mom came home about 4pm, and they were so excited :)
I certainly have a greater appreciation for having kids when you are younger......  This old grandma is sure tired out !!  The kids were so good, and slept so well at night.   We sure love them !

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