Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cleaning Ditch

Mom and Kirk Tonks
Saturday morning we (Mom, Dad, Tagg, and myself) met with the Tonks cousins to clean the ditch up in Round Valley.  I think mom said the there were a total of 27 there helping.  
We started up by the house (Les Bergh's) with the green roof near the club house.  Some cousins moved out in front pruning, and the next ones raked into piles, then came the crew who forked and threw the piles out of the ditch, and then a clean up crew, who finished anything that was left.
Troy's boy and Stephen Tonks in background
Zac was running a race (half marathon) in Eden, and Roger and CJ and Treyson were to a soccer game in Mountain Green, and Thatcher hung out with Grandma Shirlee.  Tagg came with us to help, and he sure had fun.  Look closely at all of the burrs on his hoodie.  He then took off the hoodie, and got burrs all over his shirt, and then he took off his shirt and went bare (IT WAS THAT WARM !).  He talked and talked anyone's ear off who would listen :)
David Smith (Aunt Jolene's boy) was the only smart one who brought a backpack with water. 
There were a few downed trees, but that didn't hamper our efforts, and Tagg scrambled all over them, stating, "I'm King of the World!" to all that could hear. 
Mom is such a hard worker.  She was right down there in the ditch with all of us, and she is so smart and knows everyone's name (even my cousin's kids' names).   Stephen, and Troy, and Richard, and Aaron Tonks were there, and some the their kids and friends.  David Smith was there, and Aaron (Russell's boy).  Also Bruce's boy Kirk Tonks, and some of Craig and Vicki's kids. 
One of the guys found a little water snake, and Tagg thought that was pretty neat :)
Also, Tagg found this metal ring thing - which he promptly put on his head as a crown, and proclaimed himself, "Ring Ting King".  We also found HUNDREDS of golf balls as we went along.  Next year we will for sure need to bring a backpack.  It was fun !!

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