Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Capture the Flag - Champions !!

Camryn has been playing on a flag football team for the past few weeks at her elementary school.
Last weekend, they competed with about seven other school, and they are the 2015 DIVISION II CHAMPIONS !!
Manda said she is a GO GETTER, and is seems to always be on in every "play".
Manda and Bren and Cam C. were watching from the sidelines, and a guy behind them said, "Wow, look at the blonde girl go !  She's really good". 
Cam is hiding in back - the tallest on the team.  She is one of only three girls on the team, and she has loved it.  Saturday she starts a volleyball camp that will go through the summer, and hopes to be able to make the volleyball team in Junior High come August. Go Cam !!

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