Monday, April 20, 2015

Zip Line, here we come !

Cute Cheeser Payson
Breakfast of Champions :)
I'll share with Mommy
The Grindbox !  I finally get to see it and experience Crossfit in the Philippines
Santee, Me, Kacey, Landon - Can you tell I've had a workout??
Oohhh -- Scary messy face girlie
We drove an hour into the mountains to a zip line !  These local kids were watching through the fence to see the action.  We say Hi, but they are pretty timid around out of town strangers.
While we were waiting, Payson and I found a mama piggy with her babies - so cute !
Payson checking out the babies pigs trying to get some shade. 
Now it was finally time.  I think you could safely say that Carol was more freaked out than me (haha)

Three !!!! Go !!!!

When Kacey and LANDON landed (see video below), I actually thought it was Kacey and Jordyn....

Cute little baby we saw.......
Riding in the back of a scary truck to take us back to the beginning of the zip line adventure.
On the way home - all tired out......
Home at last
so tired..........

Cutest video you'll ever see - what a great Daddy !
Today we made a mini calendar to help mark the time until we go on the plane "P", and then see GRANDPAS !!! "G".  I think it helped a little bit.   All we heard all week from Payson was, "I want to go see my Grandpas in UTAH !!!!!!"

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