Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mambukal I learned to drive a Tricy-cad !

Today we went to Mambukal, another mountain resort. We all had a great time.
The kids all dug around in the dirt, exploring........
And look what Grandma Carol found !
A BIG LONG BUG of some sort. I actually think it was some kind of huge centipede. It had hundreds of legs.
At first Payson was kind of leery.......and wouldn't touch it except for a stick.
May I interupt this blog post for Brightyn to say "HI" She's a sweetie.
Finally he got brave...........and his love for this bug was so cute.
Brightyn didn't want to touch it - just smile at it :)
After awhile we walked down a trail next to a little creek where the kids got in and played.
Payson brought along his friend (in an empty Kentucky Fried Chicken gravy container)
Everyone except the picture taker :)
"I will love him,and keep him, and I will squeeze him, and hold him......"
Later that evening back at the Rich Ranch, we commandeered a Tricy-cad, and took the kids for a spin up and down the road. We had to be careful, because there were no brakes !!
What a fun time !

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