Monday, April 20, 2015

Early morning walks in the Philippines

This is Landon and Kacey's house.  It faces North.  I sleep in the front bedroom (see window in the brown part).  The sun rises and sets like clockwork in Bacolod.  5am to 5pm.  It seems weird for it to be "summer" (because it's always hot), and not have it stay light until 9:30pm.  Every morning I would wake about 5am to the sounds of birds, and I'd get up and go for a walk around the perimeter of their subdivision.  
Their home is in the 2nd or 3rd phase, and there are still alot of empty lots, however there are more homes than there were last November when we were there.  Also, they don't have as many spiders, because the grass has been cut down, and development is going on.  The streets are cement, with rolled curbing along side, and also drains to handle the rainfall.
That is their house in the middle of the picture (the backside) 
There are beautiful trails throughout the subdivision. 
The sun is finally peaking over the mountains in the distance.
There is a tall perimeter fencing around the entire neighborhood.
With barbed wire to keep people out. 
There are also manned guard shacks every so often.  
If you look closely (and click on the picture to enlarge), you can see someone washing their clothes in the river below. 
As I said, there is alot of building going on......
The hoes are built of cinderblock, and when they build, they put up tall tarps around the entire project.  I'm not sure why.....I guess to cover the unslightly construction mess?
Some parts of the subdivision have been developed for awhile, and the trees are beautiful. 
How would you like to live on the corner of Paradise Palm and Good Luck Palm ? 
Never did find out what kind of fruit this was........
Some of the trees had little "bags" over the fruit, I guess to catch it when it falls?
Alot of the homes are quite elaborate. 
I discovered a little overgrown pathway, hidden back behind some of the established homes.  It felt like I was walking in a jungle.  I think this is the Lacsonee fruit growing on these trees.   
This is the entrance to their subdivision, I'm almost all the way around.......
Saw a man harvesting coconuts, and stopped to watch.  
The pool in their subdivision - beautiful !  I was able to walk almost every morning while I was here, a total of 2 miles each time.   It was great !

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