Sunday, April 5, 2015

A little bit of this.......a little bit of that.......

We picked up a stainless steel sale at a liquidation sale, and Zac added a nice sink.  It fits perfectly in the storage shed.  
Kind of a weird backwards pic, but Zac and CJ and the boys were up to our home one night when Landon Facetimed.   They were ALL SORTS of wanting to get right in there to say Hi !
Kinda blurry - Painting the storage room floor - turned out great !
Tagg doesn't want to be left out of helping.
This is the trap door that goes in the floor, to cover up the sewer line pump. 
Master Painter :)
Getting the doors back on before the storm came. 
I found a free fridge for the storage area!  Yeah !!
We worked and split 3 loads while Zac and family were gone this weekend.  
We also picked up a couple of new grills.  The other three are just about toast.  
Christel and Zac and Family had a getaway weekend in Mesquite.  Haven't heard from them, but guess they are having a fun time from the picture posted on FB :)
Manda turns THIRTY FIVE YEARS OLD THIS WEEK !!!!  She had a great time celebrating this past weekend with hubby, and with friends Therese and Jessica.  

This is a short sweet little video - so so cute !!  

Also, check out the Family Videos, I've posted a few other new ones to YouTube.

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