Saturday, April 18, 2015

Philippines Trip - 1st Day

Two grandmas decide to head to the Philippines one last time to and help our kids in the Crossfit Games.......and to help Kacey and the kids come home for a visit. 
Our first leg was from SLC to Seattle - BEAUTIFUL old extinct volcanos out the window.  I need to get on Google Earth, and check out the names.  I think this one was Ranier.  At one point I could see FIVE of them at one time.  Specatacular !
On our 2nd leg from Seattle to Toyko, Mauricio had book us midd seats in the middle, and the aircraft was not full, so we each had 3 seats upon which to sprawl and sleep the 10 hours away.  Carol did much better than sleeping than I did. 
While at the airport in Japan, the most interesting bathrooms were found !  They had heated toilet seats, and the sounds of running water (over the intercom, see below), and sprays and streams of water that washed your bottom (front and back!), and then puffs of air to dry to you was amazing (haha)
This is early morning in  Manila, after we finished out 3rd leg of the trip (Toyko to Manila).  We had to wait her a couple of hours before boarding our last leg to Bacolod.
This is the small Bacolod Sipalay airport.  We arrived about 9:30 am (their time).  
Payson was excited to see us :)
Brightyn too :)  We headed to the Chicken House for lunch.  Chicken Insasol (yummy) and garlic rice.  This is a favorite place to eat for the kids.  
Afterwards heading to the car, Kacey got a little protection from the sun. 
That afternoon we headed to Campoestuhan, a mountain resort about an hour away.  We took Edna and her kids, Gabrielle (age 12) and Aubrey (age 8) with us.  The kids all had a great time. 
Payson has now overcome his fear of King Kong, and had to show Grandma Carol.
The BIG kids tried out the rope course.  Landon had done it a couple of weeks before (Cody probably too) with Focus managers.  This time Jordyn and Kacey did it also.  It is pretty challenging, and a little scary.
Trying to keep cool :)
Brightyn and Kellen - kissing through the poles
There are many statues, and things to look at.  Everything is kind of sketchy with never pass US safety standards......
Notice this spider web - made from re-bar welded together and painted.  Some of the welds have broken, and the pieces are just hanging there........ready to impale........  I don't know what is supposed to be on the platform behind Payson, but those rebar spikes poking up.....not very safe. 
Brightyn had gotten her shirt so dirty playing in the dirt, so she's shirtless at this point.  Next to Iron Man !
We tried to get Payson to flex his muscles................
There he finally goes.
Now that's one scary looking Pluto !
Michael Jordan - wrong number.........?  Such cuties.  Gabrielle, Aubrey and Payson
Sorry these pics are out of order.  They had to don hair nets.....why?  I'm not sure, maybe to keep their hair from tangling in the ropes?  
I wonder if Disney would approve :)   I'm sure there are millions of copyright/trademark infringements going on here. 
Relaxing for a minute :)
Oh Mickey.............(yikes!)
These two were such a joy to be around.  Such great good kids.  They don't talke much, but the smiles say it all.  Wish I would have gotten a picture of Edna here today. 
Again - pics out of order (oh well) - Here we are in the hand of King Kong
This is the entrance of the resort.  These are all who came (I'm taking the pic)
This was taken while the big kids were on the rope course.  This is when Brightyn got totally dirty - bad Grandma :)
And last but not least - Payson in the GRIP of King Kong.  What a brave kid.   Oh - King Kong is roaring all this time on loud speakers.  It is kind of un-nerving to little kids.  It was a great first day in Bacolod !!

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