Thursday, April 16, 2015

Philippines Here We Come !!

We (Grandma Carol and I) leave later this afternoon to fly to see our family in the Philippines !  Yippee !!  Here is a picture of Kacey and Brightyn at Campuestohan (a resort in the mountains above Bacolod).  They were here (along with Landon and Payson) last weekend for a retreat for the management and directors of Focus Direct.  They had a wonderful (hot and long) day. 
What is Payson looking at?
What is Brightyn looking at?
It's DADDY - in the air on a rope course !
Why is Payson so happy?
Because he finally overcame his fear of THIS big ape, who roars and roars.  The last few times they have been up there, he was seriously terrified.  But today?  He poked him with a stick ?!?  Brave boy :)
See you soon kiddos :)

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