Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Grandma Ben

First things first - Roger D surprised me with a HAIRCUT !!! To say I was PLEASED was an understatment :)
Crazy times -  Joni made two big sheet cakes, and I was giving her a bad time, telling her that WOW she made too much, but guess what?   Everyone made a BIG DENT in the 2nd one.  Way to go Joni !    Those that came were......Bruce, Brenda, Bryce, Kayla and Sydney.  Roger, Gwen, Zac, CJ, Treyson, Tagg, Thatcher.   Joni and Kerry, J.P. Trapper, Ridge, Keysto, Kaley, Kroix, Harper, Kolston, Chans and Tausha.....I think that is everyone......  It was a great evening. 
Kayla even brought her homework - I'm pretty sure she's an A+ student like her brother Bryce. 
Here are all the GREATS with Grandma
Bryce, Sydney and Kayla (in back)
Counterclockwise (starting with Tagg) - Tagg, Thatcher, Kroix, Trapper, Treyson, Ridge, J.P., Harper, Grandma, and Kolston.

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