Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday in Bacolod

We made a Sneaky Snake :)

Hi Grandma - eating breakfast

The church where Landon and Kacey attend.  The people were so very friendly.  

I took my "One Little Match" book, and I bet we read it 30-40 times.  Payson can tell the story (turning the pages) all by himself.  Later during the trip, I heard him "reading" it to Gabrielle and Aubrey.  I wish I could have gotten it on video.  

Oh Oh - someone is in trouble.   I think he kicked Sister.

Such a sweetie.  I want to get this one blown up for my wall.

All smiles

Selfies !!

And again :)

Payson likes to ride his bike around the house.  It's pretty easy with no carpet.

Kacey and Landon

Jordyn, Kacey, Carol

Outside, ready to head a block away to Jordyn and Cody's for supper.

Brightyn and Kellen "kissing" through the sliding door........


Back home for the night.

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