Sunday, April 26, 2015

Manila Throwdown - Day 2

After breakfast at the hotel, laying out on the patio by the pool............ready for another tough day at the games.
Payson met a little dog named Harper in the lobby.  He was TOTALLY enthralled. 
Aubry loved him too !
Back for another day.  Today we brought the kids all day, and they were great. 
Go Mommy and Daddy !
Playing with the animals.  That little girl in the middle came over and hung out with us all day.  
Love my family !
Ice Cream - do you know they have a flavor of CHEESE here?  I didn't try it :)
Later in the day - just resting.  (All of the action pictures for both days were on the previous post)
Headed back to the hotel I got this great shot.
At the mall next to our hotel 
The Grindbox Crew - Justin, Santee, Landon, Kacey, Mariel
Bye bye to Edna the next morning.  See you in a couple of months......

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