Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Philippine Happenings

Landon and Kacey have been participating in the Crossfit Open Games.  They usually workout daily at The Grindbox in Bacolod, but for 15.5 (fifth week workout), they traveled to Dumaguette, a city about 4-5 hours away, because they had to use the rowers.  After the last work out (15.5), in which they both placed in the top 10, they came in (as a total) of Kacey 17th, and Landon 21st.  I think that means they made it to the regionals in Manila.  I think they said they had to post in the top 20 or 25 (men and/or womens) to be qualified to go.  The regionals are at the end of April.  This picture above is the group that worked out in Dumaguette.  They left the kiddos with Jord and Cody while they traveled overnite.  The kids did well, but they did miss mom and dad :)

When they traveled TO Dumaguette, they took the red road up over the mountains and it took 5 hours.  Coming back they tried the blue road (still up over the mountains), but it was only 4 hours.  They said it was a beautiful drive, and when they were on top, they could see the adjoining islands.  It was quite the view.  
The previous week, Landon had a client and his boss fly out from the US for a site visit.  They had a busy week at work, but also took some time to go to a small island - Lakawon Island. 
Lakawon island is north of Bacolod, where they live.  It is not too far from the main island. 
They took a small boat like this to get to it.   I pulled this picture from the internet.  That is Lakawon Island ahead in the distance. 

The good weather didn't last long on the little Island, and after about an hour they headed back to the main island.  The waves were big, and it was pretty scary I guess. 
There were prayers that were said on the boat that day, and also we always pray for our family's safety.  I am so grateful that everything turned out the way it did.  I'm not sure they'll be taking to the ocean again any time soon !

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