Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fun Times at the Rich Ranch

What a great helper !  She cut them all up for me :)
Marv Mouth - enjoying spaghetti :)
Hey Grandma !   What is this smoke coming out of my mouth?
Haha - she doesn't get this much in AZ :)
What's in the box ?  Baby Chicks of course :)
Billy, Paris and France - fun in the barnyard.
With Miss Piggy - she's a cutie :)
Billy love Cam
After noon art creation.   We'll save and enter in the Fair in August !
The Gold Sex link is Treyson's he couldn't decide on a name for sure.  He might have ended up with Big Red.  The very brown one is Brightyn's she's the tiniest chick (a Wellslander I think) .  Cam named her Baby (for Brightyn), the other light and dark brown (an Americana) one is Cam's and she named her Fluffy.  The dark black one is a Barred Rock chick, and she is Tagg's, and he named her Darth Vadar. The two yellow chicks are White Leghorn Chickens, and one is Thatcher's (he named her Daddy), and the other is Payson's (yet to be named) - Kacey !   Show him this picture and ask him what he wants to name his little yellow baby chick, okay?
These Yahoos convinced Grandpa to set up the trampoline. 
We had a surprise on Wednesday afternoon/evening, when the Rich Family appeared at our door on their bikes !    

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