Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fun Videos

Usually when I take a video I post it on my You Tube channel.  If you click on the Family Video link at the top of the blog, you can see everything that is out there.

Here are some of the latest fun ones.  Some, you may have already seen on Facebook.

Also, the other day I found out that Landon and Kacey have a You Tube channel also, devoted to their Crossfit Open workouts.  Click here to see all of them.

In this one, Landon get his first muscle up on his first try, and then has 5 or 6 failed attempts, and finally nails 6 more (he needed 7 total) by the 12 minute mark, and then only had 2 minutes to do 50 wall balls - CRAZY !!

Payson graduated from Preschool. I think Kacey is trying to get him into a "summer school", so that he can continue to have the interaction with friends. He loves school, and the teachers. So cute.

This is the funniest video - we have watched it many times, and laughed each time !

Thatcher loves to sing.....if that is what you would call it - funny !

Treyson has a good voice, now we just need to get him some lessons. The Richins are known for their good voices, so maybe he will take after Grandpa Claude and Grandma Shirlee.

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