Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow Day !!

3-4 inches  of snow in November (while we were in the Philippines) - then it MELTED and was BEAUTIFUL

Here we are in mid December - BEAUTIFUL weather !

Then it snowed another 3-4 inches on Christmas Day - stuck around till New Year's - and melted AGAIN !

Here we are in mid January - BEAUTIFUL !!!

And here is February - WARM WARM day at the Property

That's 10 INCHES FOLKS !!
After Roger helped to dig his mom and dad out, he did OURS (for the 2nd time), THEN we headed over to Dad's, just at the clouds broke up, and the sun came out.  Dad had just started plowing.  We parked out on the street.
What a bunch of snow !!
The sun kept on shining, and as quick as we could shovel and plow the cement and asphalt off - it would MELT MELT MELT !!
Back home, where Rog had plowed earlier (wish I had a BEFORE pic) - it was DRY !!
Later we went over to Zac's where they had been working on THEIR driveway.  Thatcher was a BIG HELPER !!
Zac had spent alot of the morning STUCK in the Durrant/Slate plumbing truck in Eden.  He said going up over Trapper's this morning was SCARY !!
About the only part that wasn't shoveled, was the front sidewalk..........Thatcher started to work on that :)
Poor Tagg came home from school with one of his headaches :(
He gets nauseous, and needs a bowl in case he pukes, poor kid.
Treyson was at scouts.

It was a good day - glad I got to spend alot of it with Roger D. 

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