Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's March - and you know what THAT means !

She's BAACK.....and this time she is taller than Kuk ! (by just a hair :)
We met my brother and sister and mom and dad at a restaurant in Bountiful.  Dax is quite the  Kendama-er :)
Aaron, Erika, Mark, Cam, Carrie, Dax, Grandpa D, Grandma D
Then we drove home to Morgan and found THESE yahoos at the Property
We loaded up the boys, and went for a treat at Nebco
Then we went down to Prescott's and picked up the baby goats.  The kids LOVED the dogs, Corver and Annie.
Then home to play in the warm sun and melting snow.....
The snow didn't faze THIS Arizona girl :)
We moved to the back yard.........
and proceeded to make snowforts and snowmen........
Frosty and Thatch
Tagg was the builder :)
I went and grabbed my bread tins, and we made snow bricks
We finally called it a day after we were all wet.........  we went in the house and took off all the wet clothes, and threw them in the dryer.  You should have seen the make-shift outfits they wore while waiting for them to dry. 
Later we went up to Grandpa and Grandma Ben's and Cam drew her name in the snow - just for FUN !

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