Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hogle Zoo Fun - 14 kids + 4 adults = GREAT TIME !!

10:30 - we arrived at the zoo.  It wasn't too crowded, the temp was just right.  

They have changed things up so much !  But they did keep the Lion drinking fountain from YEARS ago, thank goodness.

It was tough to get everyone in the picture at once......

Tagg insisted on being by himself :)

Thatch and the Rhinos :)

They have huge metal statues of the different animals all around, for climbing and posing on. 

Treyson chased around after Kendyl most of the day, and he was such a good help.  At one point he said he wished he had a cute little baby sister !

Watching the otters and Polar Bear.  Tracy was a hoot.  She calls her little girl, "Miss Piggy", and it was very disconcerting......I kept thinking of our pig in the corral :)

The Polar Bear was so fun to watch under water, when he was trying to get his food (fish) frozen in a block of ice.

Measuring Up - Tagg

Measuring up - Treyson

Measuring up - Thatcher

Measuring up - Camalama

See Zac  - old bikes make FUN decorations :)

Carousel fun - Can you spot Treyson, Cam and Thatcher?

I think most of the kids are in this picture, let's see if I can name them left to right
Thatcher (head bent down, holding hat), Jake in stroller, and Miss Piggy (I can't remember her real name), you can hardly see her in the stroller, Kathryn kneeling in front, Kassidy in purple sweater, Tagg, Jocelyn, Kenzlie, Kaydence, Kamry, Treyson, Camryn, Kendyl (back to camer in front), and Kennedy sleeping in the stroller.

What a crazy girl !

Tagg, basking in the sun..... he likes to look the zoo map.  He is fascinated with maps, I remember when we went to Disneyland and San Diego Zoo, he HAD to have a map, and was constantly looking at it in comparison to where we were.  He really like to look at all of the intereactive displays at each exhibit also, even more than the actual animals :)

Three boys - two of them NOT excited for this picture :(

On the way home we stopped at a playground in Kaysville, just off of Hwy 89.  The kids had such a great time :)

Tagg is quite the strong little guy - he could do pull-ups.  That there is a future crossfitter :)

Go Cam !!

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